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Reaching out and taking someone's hand,can be the beginning of a new journey...
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Arica Vangelderen is a bulls eye!

"As a mom concerned for her 16 year old daughter with low self esteem, heavy anxiety, and bouts with depression, I was searching for a new counselor who could relate to her rather than tell her how she was supposed to feel.  Surfing the net one evening, looking for groups that perhaps included her interest in Art, I found Arica.  Their first meeting was an immediate "win win" for us.  My daughter said Arica "got her" right away and she was less anxious and more positive in the days that followed.  Next Arica formed the "Worthy Group" which incorporated Art as a common interest to focus on while working on building self esteem.  It allowed the teens to take the focus off "I am different, I am sad" and in turn, talk about what each had acomplished through the work they were doing in class and realize each of them were very important and special.  It has been a long road for our daughter and we have been fortunate to find many people on this journey who have helped her grow and develop in a positive way.  We are honored to add Arica to this esteemed list.  Every day I pick up my "baby" from the William A. Presti Center for Families and Youth and I am greeted with a beaming smile.  Who could ask for more?"


Great Agency with Very Experienced Advisory

"My experience with the William A. Presti organization has been fantastic.  They are an extremely helpful group of professionals.  From the beginning until now, they have been instrumental in guiding me forward in my counseling.  I can't say enough good things about this organization and what they provide in their services to clients."


I would recommend the William A. Presti Center to any parent

"My daughter has been going to the William A. Presti Center for just under a year.  I have seen great progress in the areas we've been working on. They have made a bond with my daughter and she looks forward to her appointments every week.  They also have a teen group which I thought was helpful. I would recommend the William A. Presti Center to any parent."


Helpful healing of heart, soul, and mind

"My husband and I went there for 1 1/2 years for help with our marriage, as well as for ourselves.  We had grown apart over the the years and could not even talk with each other.  With the counseling we received from here, we are much better and are able to communicate with each other and even work through disagreements.  Even now, if we feel there is a problem, we know we can call and get in for more help.  I was very nervous and skeptical about the whole thing, thinking we could not be helped, but we were. With hard work and a person who knew a great deal about our situation, helped us throughout personal issues and trials.  Jo had a great deal of patience and knowledge to help people through most anything if they are willing to work and listen.  Thanks for everything."

-Krista W.

Great Therapist

"When my husband and I started seeing Jo Ciak as a therapist, we were in a very bad place in our marriage.  Jo has helped us become much better communicators and much happier in our marriage and lives.  She is nice, emphathetic, but also tells it like it is, which is definitely needed in order to have those "Aha" moments that facilitate change.  She is trustworthy and I truly believe she gave us the tools to save our marriage, be better spouses, and be better parents. I would highly recommend Jo Ciak and her staff to anyone looking for an effective therapist."


My Teenage Children

"My teenage children received counseling from the William A. Presti Center.  After a sudden and unexpected separation/divorce from a long term marriage, they were completely devastated, and in complete despair and confusion over their dad's sudden and unexpected departure from the family. After being counseled, their self confidence and esteem was restored.  In addition, they received help on how to manage the pain, loss, and new changes due to the trauma.  I would highly recommend the counselors at the William A. Presti Center, as they are results driven and care about each family and individual they see.  It has been over three years since our traumatic event and both my kids are doing extremly well.  In addition, the William A. Presti Center is always there for any follow up that is needed.  My children are now getting straight A's in college and High School and are on the road to success emotionally and academically.  Our family has healed and I attribute this to God and the William A. Presti Center."

-Susan W.

Wisdom and Understanding

"I came to the William A. Presti Center during a very emotional divorce. I was a train wreck and could see no light at the end of any tunnel.  My anxiety was through the roof and I felt very confused, rejected, and alone.  I was borderline suicidal and in a very dark place.  My counselor was very warm and understanding, and assured me each visit that things would get better and helped me open up about what had gone wrong in my marriage, the things I could not control or change, and how to move on.  I came to the William A. Presti Center once a week for several months before and after my divorce.  It was one of the most painful experiences I have ever been through in my life, but I found out I was not alone, and found someone compassionate about helping people at the William A. Presti Center.  We talked about things that helped me understand my situation better and cope with the changes in my life.  Positive thinking and hope for each new day and getting better helped me through.  I'm doing much better today and think about how much my life has changed and how much my counselor at the William A. Presti Center helped me through what I once thought was something I would never fully recover from.  Each day gets better and better.  Now I've got things going my way, a reinvented life for myself with no more anxiety, sadness or drama. I'm so grateful and know I have a life coach when I need one and I am so very glad I went to the William A. Presti Center."

-Ryan W.


"When I pick N.V. up she always has a smile on her face.  Who could ask for anything more.  Arica is the best!"